Builders Liens

With our roots firmly tied to construction law, SHK has particular expertise in builders liens, from a detailed understanding of their purpose, to the creation, preservation, perfection and enforcement of liens.

Builders Lien Act

There are certain rules governing builders lien procedures, starting with the BC Builders Lien Act. The purpose of the Builders Lien Act is to provide a form of security (the right to lien) for those who have worked on or with a construction project, but have not been paid.

Filing A Lien

If you are an architect, engineer, worker, material supplier, contractor or subcontractor, you are entitled to file a lien on a project if you have not been paid for providing services or material with respect to a construction project.

There are strict time limits for filing a lien. A lien must be filed within 45 days of the earliest “triggering event” (starting point). In many cases, calculating the time limit for filing a lien can be complex as there may be multiple triggering events. It is advisable that you consult an experienced builders lien lawyer for assistance and advice.

If you would like to learn more about our scope of experience with builders liens in BC or to book a consultation please contact one of SHK’s builders lien lawyers.

Professional Associations

  • Canadian Bar Association – British Columbia Branch – Construction Law Section
  • Canadian College of Construction Lawyers (CCCL)
  • British Columbia Construction Roundtable (BCCR)
  • BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association