Not-For-Profit and Societies

Primary Contact

Our not-for-profit and societies team at SHK works collaboratively with not-for-profit organizations, societies, charities, donors, associations and a variety of other groups.

Our team works closely with our corporate and commercial law group in order to provide comprehensive and practical advice to you.

SHK is well-versed in the law that applies to not-for-profit entities, which law can differ significantly from the rules and regulations that govern profit-driven corporations.

SHK has extensive experience providing you with informed advice concerning:

  • Incorporating and organizing the constitution and bylaws for not-for-profits, societies and various other entities
  • Handling the corporate governance of various entities, inclusive of enacting bylaws, amending bylaws and related matters
  • Planning for the operation of provincially-incorporated societies, federally-incorporated not-for-profits, extraprovincial entities and other organizations
  • Considering the legal requirements for charitable status
  • The restoration of a society or other entity that has been struck from the applicable registry