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We know that bonds play a significant role in the construction industry and can be a crucial factor in getting paid.

We have extensive experience with performance, labour and material payment, advance payment, release of holdback and lien bonds.

Making claims against bonds involves compliance with strict procedures. We can help you understand and navigate bonding procedures. We advise owners, contractors and subcontractors, and deal with bonding companies, concerning the many aspects of bonding, including obtaining, drafting and analyzing bonds, prosecuting and defending bond claims and addressing related indemnities. Additionally, we advise clients against whose bonds such claims are made, and we are frequently called on to negotiate the forms of lien bonds which are posted as security for builders liens.

Despite the potential security offered by bonds, they are often overlooked as a source of recovery. We are experienced in the what, when and how of making and defending bond claims, including how the existence of a bond may supplement potential contractual and other legal relief.