Commercial Lending

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As a lender, you want to know that your money is secured if something goes wrong. As a borrower, you want to know that the terms of your financing are fair and reasonable.  We understand this and more: that a successful financing is one that establishes and solidifies long-term business relationships between lenders and borrowers.

We are committed to this goal and will provide diligent and practical advice to encourage the mutually beneficial outcomes you desire.

SHK regularly represents chartered banks and national leasing companies, as well as private lenders and borrowers. We distinguish ourselves with our broad understanding of the structuring, documenting and negotiating of all forms of borrowing and lending transactions and through our long-term relationships with key market and industry participants.

As required, we negotiate, consult on and draft loan and security documents such as:

  • Land-based lending agreements
  • Facility letters
  • Commitment letters, loan agreements and financing proposals
  • Guarantees
  • Indemnities
  • Security related to term, operating, and revolving loans
  • Mortgage security agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • Project financing
  • Acquisition financing

We provide timely, effective and practical advice to assist you to achieve the best outcomes within a budget that works for your business.