Construction Delay Claims

It is virtually inevitable that any significant construction project will incur schedule delays.  Subject to adjustments for factors beyond a contractor’s control, late completion of the construction is a breach of contract for which an owner is entitled to claim damages.  Conversely, where the project delays are caused by factors beyond a contractor’s control, a

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The Landscape of Protection of Privacy and
Personal Information in British Columbia

Lindsay D. Williams The Internet and digital technology have brought an enormous change to the way we communicate and to our capacity to capture, store and retrieve information. Routinely kept electronic databases render our most personal financial information vulnerable. Sensitive information about our health is similarly available, as are records of the books we have

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The Impact of Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Construction Industry Participants

Tim Sportschuetz In March and April 2018, proclamations were announced increasing United States import taxes on foreign steel and aluminum, adding 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports. These tariffs are levied based on the country of origin of the imported goods, not the country of export.  In other words, whichever country manufactured

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An Employer’s Guide to the Legalization of Marijuana

Katrina S. Yaworsky The Cannabis Act The Cannabis Act (the “Act”) will come into force on October 17, 2018.  The Act will allow adults who are 18 or 19 years of age and older (depending on the province or territory) to legally possess, grow and purchase limited amounts of cannabis, or marijuana, for personal use. 

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Construction Contract Termination – What Gives You the Right?

Michael D. Williams During the course of construction, things can go wrong. Relationships can break down, trust can evaporate and, in a difficult economic climate, companies and individuals can go bankrupt. As a result, a parting of ways is often contemplated by one or both parties to a construction contract before the project can be

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Matthew B. Wansink As an employer, your biggest asset is often your employees. Not surprisingly, employee wages are also one of an employer’s biggest costs. In this article, we’ll look at legislative rules governing overtime wages and, more specifically, key overtime entitlements and exclusions in the case of employees paid by hourly wage.


Christopher J. Bakker Established under the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (the “Act”), the Civil Resolution Tribunal or CRT is the first online tribunal in Canada and was limited to strata disputes.  Since June 1, 2017, the CRT’s jurisdiction has been expanded to encompass most claims for damages of $5,000 or less that would otherwise be

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The Duty to Notify Subcontractors
of Labour and Material Bonds

Seema Lal   On February 28, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Valard Construction Ltd. v. Bird Construction Co., 2018 SCC 8. Facts and Issues Bird, as a general contractor, hired a subcontractor, Langford Electric Ltd., to complete certain electrical work on an oil sands project.  The contract between Bird and

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Cryptocurrency Law – Is There Such A Thing?

Michael Ahmadi It’s been said that there are two types of people in this world: Those who are interested in cryptocurrencies, and those whose eyes glaze over when they hear words like “blockchain”. Primer First, a primer on cryptocurrencies. For the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to the best known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a

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