About the Course

Craig Wallace is an adjunct professor at UBC, and has been teaching the fourth year class of Legal Aspects Of Engineering Practice for many years. Other lawyers who share in teaching the course are:  Marc MacEwing, Seema Lal, Vanessa Reakes, and Matthew Wansink.

This is a lectures-only course, which reviews the legal aspects of Civil Engineering practice. Please refer to the Course Outline and Lecture Schedule for a breakdown of topics. In 2012, the course consisted of thirteen 1½ hour lectures, which were split among 5 lawyers within our firm. The textbook Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience: 2nd Canadian Edition, Samuels, Brian M. and Sanders, Doug R., Toronto: Prentice Hall, 2011 (ISBN-13 no. 978-0-13-700408-9), is used. The course culminates with an examination to which all of the lecturing lawyers contribute questions in their respective areas of expertise.