UBC Engineers

Our lawyers are honoured to have served as adjunct professors of UBC’s civil engineering program (CIVL 402) for over 40 years, and our engagement with the next generation of engineers has become an important aspect of our firm’s tradition.

The involvement of our lawyers in teaching and publishing gives the firm credibility with a broad cross-section of the construction and commercial communities.

About the Course

Craig Wallace is an adjunct professor at UBC, and has been teaching the fourth year class of Legal Aspects Of Engineering Practice for many years. Other lawyers who share in teaching the course are: Marc MacEwing, Seema Lal, Vanessa Reakes, Mark J. Braidwood and Matthew Wansink. The course CIVL 402 is now titled “Professionalism and Law in Civil Engineering,” and our reference to it relates to the legal aspects of the course (CIVL 402B).

This is a lectures-only course, which reviews the legal aspects of Civil Engineering practice. Please refer to the Course Material and Lecture Schedule for a breakdown of topics. We use the textbook, Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, 3rd Canadian Edition, Samuels, Brian M. and Sanders, Doug R., Toronto: Prentice Hall, 2015. The lectures are split among certain lawyers within our firm, based on their areas of expertise. The course culminates with an examination to which all of the lecturing lawyers contribute questions based on the content of their lectures.

For the fall term 2020, CIVL 402 will be offered online.  Please check on Canvas for details.